Mustard: Find the right college for you

Python, Selenium, Firebase, Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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Screenshot of Mustard

The mustard seed comes in many colors- white, yellow, brown, black. Whether they are whole, ground, cracked, or bruised, mustard seeds can be mixed with all sorts of ingredients, be it vinegar, wine, salt, cumin, or even a Computer Science degree, to make mustard. And with different combinations, you can achieve different flavors from sweet to spicy. Students are a lot like mustard seeds, and we’re on a mission to find the right recipe for you. College is a big milestone in one’s life, and it’s important we get it right. Compare colleges from a database of over 5000 U.S. schools and find the right college for you.

In this project, we scraped college data with Selenium and created a database with Google Firebase. With this data, we wrote an algorithm to recommend colleges to a user based on various preferences they have. We deployed this into a web app with Flask. Enjoy!